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Portable altitude training simulator

about us

A mixture of passions for sports, physical preparation and expertise in the field of health technologies, here is what inspired the HYPO-X team. It is with the desire to popularize and make altitude training accessible that this wonderful adventure began. 

The HYPO-X team has come together on a mission to develop the first portable altitude training simulator on the market. This device allows athletes of all levels and sports to take their performance to the highest level.


The first portable altitude training simulator on the market, that allows athletes to train anywhere at anytime.


precise and adAPtable

The technology developed makes it possible to adapt to the flow and the respiratory rate of athletes to allow them to breathe precisely the chosen oxygen level.

Light and compact

The HYPO-X simulator offers athletes freedom of movement and the ability to perform sport specific exercises directly on the field.

Analysis and follow-up

A mobile application offers analysis and performance monitoring to ensure constant improvement in the physical capacities of athletes.


The HYPO-X simulator allows athletes to train at altitude regardless of conditions and on all types of terrain.


what is altitude training ?

Altitude training, also known as hypoxic training, involves training by breathing air with low oxygen content. Training in this condition forces the body to adapt by using oxygen more efficiently, which results in better delivery of oxygen to the muscles. This type of training improves physical performance both at high altitude and at sea level.

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